GoMarketWise responsive website

GoMarketWise responsive website
GoMarketWise (GMW)is a new online service that enables users looking for business monitoring software to make the right choice in a very crowded and complex market. Monitoring software is needed to help businesses identify if their current initiatives are working and where improvements can be made.

The client was keen to position GMW as a truly global product. Businesses around the world face the same dilemma regardless of their location when it comes to software choice. To express this, we came up with the idea of using a single ‘thought bubble’ that can be overlaid a variety of international locations. These locations automatically run as a slideshow landing page before entering the main site. The bubble messages can easily be updated to convey different dilemmas that link directly to the content of the website and ultimately the recommended software options. They can also act as a navigational device as the user progresses through the question pages.

To see which software option is best for the user, business needs and the most relevant sectors are identified including Responsible Business, Environment, Health & Safety, Risk & Compliance and Supply Chain. The GoMarketWise website asks a series of questions that narrow the search for suitable software providers and position them into a ranked list based on relevance, performance and value for money.

CompanyX ran user workshops identifying users personas, needs and journeys and developed wireframe prototypes. We then designed the site and all assets, working closely with the development team on the finished desktop and mobile versions.