Me, Myself & Eye book design

Me, Myself & Eye book design
First time author Dan Jeffries has written a really entertaining and irreverent account of his life called Me, Myself & Eye. CompanyX have designed the cover, the illustrations and upcoming social media assets. We also helped Dan put together the ‘Kickstarter’ video.

The book is a bitter sweet account of Dan’s life as he faced a countless array of health issues including being born blind in one eye, developing a tumour on his pituitary gland that meant he kept growing, contracting meningitis and discovering a heart defect. Rather than being a tough read it’s actually very funny and also covers body image angst, girlfriends (or lack of), failed sexual encounters, dubious career choices and trying to make it in the music business.

As well as a printed and electronic version of the book there will also be an app and accompanying website with a whole host of resources including music, video and photography.

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Client: Dan Jeffries
Date: 20 April 2015