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MME book launch party

We had a great night at the Arnolfini for the launch of Me, Myself & Eye, a book by Dan Jeffries that was designed by CompanyX. Dan gave a great speech outlining how the project came into being and the challenges he faced along the way. We really enjoyed working with Dan and in the end did a few other things other than just the book including teaser postcards, social media assets, pop-up banner, mirrors and event posters. There was a great turnout on the night and lots of copies were sold which we were really pleased about. The finished book is great and was published on October 12th and is now available from Tangent Books or from Dan’s website.

Freelance and brilliant?

Due to a number of fantastic new business wins, CompanyX require a few extra pairs of hands to help out.

In particular we are looking for:

– Graphic designers/creative artworkers with an expert knowledge of print and Adobe CC. Infographic and charity / NGO experience a definite advantage.

– Web designer with excellent knowledge of UX best practice and a bunch of impressive urls.

– WordPress developer with expert knowledge of responsive/fluid.

– Copywriter with particular experience of brand development.

If you meet any of the above please get in touch with availability, day rate and urls/portfolio pdf.  Thanks!

Jul, 21, 2015


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Making waves (& whales)

Last night we checked out the brilliant whale sculpture in Bristol’s Millennium Square. It is huge, weighs six-tonnes and features a blue whale and a humpback whale made from Somerset willow and 70,000 old plastic bottles collected from the Bath Half Marathon and Bristol 10k races. It even features a working blow hole that blasts out steam at regular intervals.
The artwork, created by the brilliant Cod Steaks is to mark the city’s status as European Green Capital. It represents the threat of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, particularly plastic bags and food and drink packaging.
Exhibiting until Sept 1. More info

Jul, 17, 2015


World’s toughest brief

Branding projects can be tricky beasts at the best of times.

There are a whole host of factors to take into consideration. Primarily, whether the wider world will understand what it is that the new brand strategy is trying to convey. As designers we can get very precious about the visual side of things and often mistakenly believe that the audience will instinctively get the ‘science bit’. We’ve done the focus groups right? Hey, you should have seen them before. Sound familiar?

In reality, the audience only really cares if a rebrand makes their lives slightly easier; easier to understand what you, as an organisation do and easier to make an informed buying choice. The reason why red can spell danger, why purple can be calming or why a sans serif font doesn’t necessarily always mean modern is often dismissed as agencies justifying their own existence. Everybody likes to criticise rebrands and quite often they are the fall guys covering up cracks elsewhere in the organisation if it doesn’t work. But ultimately, you don’t work on rebrand briefs where the original name and look is inextricably linked with human tragedy.

All design agency bugbears pale into insignificance when you consider the task facing the rebranding team for Malaysian Airlines. Not only does it have to restore the worldwide public’s faith in its ability to safely operate, but it also has to restore the pride of a nation with extreme sensitivity, under the scrutiny of the whole world.

According to the BBC, the new brand is likely to be unveiled in September. The company’s newly appointed CEO Christoph Mueller announced that the airline is “technically bankrupt” and will have to shed 6,000 jobs.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing with 239 passengers and crew in March last year, and has not yet been found. Flight MH17 was then shot down over Ukraine while travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in July, with the loss of all 298 passengers and crew on board.

“The decline of performance started long before the tragic events of 2014,” Mueller says.

The company has made a financial loss every year since 2011, but the two incidents have further impacted on its revenue, Malaysia Airlines says.

Mueller has not yet confirmed whether a rebrand would mean a change in name or logo. “All constellations are open,” he said.

The question is, where do you start?

Jun, 03, 2015



We get paid in pies

Do you hate blog and twitter posts that feature what somebody is just about to eat?  Yes I do too, but bear with me, in this posting I’m going to make an exception.
A while ago, I offered to design the wedding invitations for occasional CompanyX collaborator (and friend), Chiara Mitchell. The offer was a favour and I was happy to share the love but didn’t expect any payment whatsoever. I was gobsmacked when a pile of Pieminister tokens arrived by special delivery late this morning. Rather than smacking my gob I quickly decided to fill it instead.
Literally within minutes I was in St Nick’s food market in Bristol tucking into a glorious ‘Mothership’ – as pictured (pie, mash, peas, fried onions, gravy and cheese!).
Thanks Chiara, I can now barely move but completely worth it.

May, 27, 2015



MME Kickstarter

Following on from the Me, Myself and Eye book design and video work we have done with first time author Dan Jeffries, the kickstarter funding campaign is now well under way. The book is an often hilarious account of Dan’s life and the REALLY bad luck he has had with his health, starting with being born blind in one eye. Rather than being a tough read, and without wishing to give the game away, it’s very entertaining and life affirming.

What makes this project even more different is that there is also an app to support the book which will feature pictures, music, video, letters, scans etc. to make it a fully immersive experience. So far Dan has raised over half of his target so to see Me, Myself and Eye in a bookshop near you (or on Amazon obvs) please go here.

Further media coverage:
Radio Bristol
Bristol Evening Post
Bristol 24/7

  • Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore illustration by CompanyX
  • The Two Ronnies iconiComedy illustration by CompanyX
  • Rik Mayall a.k.a. Kevin Turvey iconiComedy illustration by CompanyX
  • Absolutely Fabulous iconiComedy illustration by CompanyX

New iconiComedy illustrations

We have recently added some more illustrations of classic British comedians to the iconiComedy range.
These include Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their ‘Dagenham Dialogues‘ prime, the much missed Rik Mayall as Kevin Turvey, The Two Ronnies behind the famous desk where they started and finished each episode of their iconic show and Edina and Patsy from the brilliant Ab Fab.
Each illustration is available in a variety of canvas colours and sizes as well as tote bags, cushions and phone/tablet cases.

May, 14, 2015


Ponte City, Edinburgh

On a recent trip to Edinburgh we popped into the National Portrait Gallery and saw a great photographic exhibition featuring Ponte City, a vast decaying development in Johannesburg. At 54 storeys high, Ponte City is the tallest residential city in Africa and was originally designed as a sophisticated dwelling for affluent white South Africans at the height of the apartheid years.

Neglected for years, it has served as inspiration for a brilliant collaboration between South African photographer, Mikhael Subotzky and British artist, Patrick Waterhouse. They interviewed the remaining tenants and recorded the half-occupied building through a series of photographs and a collection of documents and other debris from the abandoned units. Absolutely brilliant, tragic and inspirational at the same time.

This development also features as part of The Guardian’s fantastic  ‘A history of cities in 50 buildings’ photographic series.

The exhibition is now sadly finished but for more information about it go here or for details of the accompanying book go here

New CompanyX website

Welcome to our new responsive website – we hope you like it. Please let us know if you spot any bugs and share the love if you like it ; )

May, 14, 2015



Taco is murder

Or heaven knows I’m Mexican now perhaps? We had a bit of an office outing last night and went to see Mexrrissey, a Mexican Morrissey tribute band, no really. It was at the Lantern part of Colston Hall in Bristol. Absolutely brilliant, far more cheerful than the originals! ‘Panic’ was a particular treat. Check out their recent London show here

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