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  • Gracie Martin mannequin sharpie tattoo

Mannequin Sharpie tats

You may have noticed the images of the tattooed mannequin on this site. These were created by the super talented Gracie Martin. No tracing, it just free flows out of her head via a black Sharpie.

Apr, 24, 2015


Got a spare 3:25?

Ok, it might be virtually a year old but we’ve just stumbled on this (!) and think it’s one of the best music promos we’ve seen for ages. Might keep you awake at night but completely brilliant. Produced for French techno artist Gesaffelstein (a.k.a. Mike Lévy). Directed by Fleur & Manu, produced by Division for Parlophone, post by Home Digital Pictures and VFX by Machine Molle & Mathematic. It won a stack of D&ADs in 2014 as well as other awards. Richly deserved. Enjoy.

Apr, 23, 2015

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This is a great track called Chew by Dan Jeffries a.k.a [Sic], friend of CompanyX, DJ and (about to be published) author of Me, Myself & Eye. The track features on the Kickstarter film we helped Dan put together and we can’t get it out of our heads…

Apr, 23, 2015


Inspirational solar tree energises green capital

A really beautiful 15ft (4.5m) metal tree with multi-directional solar panels for leaves has been erected in Bristol’s Millennium Square. The Energy Tree, designed by artist John Packer and Bristol-based Demand Energy Equality, will provide free mobile phone charging points and Wi-Fi. It has been built by Mr Packer with help from recovering addicts from the Bristol Drugs Project.
The exhibit located at the at-Bristol Science Centre, is part of the city’s year as European Green Capital. Inspirational.

Apr, 21, 2015


It’s a hard job but…

After a long day walking around Bristol filming for Me, Myself & Eye promo, a well deserved spicy rum(s) to review the footage was needed. Bet Tarantino does that all the time.

Apr, 14, 2015


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