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MME Kickstarter

Following on from the Me, Myself and Eye book design and video work we have done with first time author Dan Jeffries, the kickstarter funding campaign is now well under way. The book is an often hilarious account of Dan’s life and the REALLY bad luck he has had with his health, starting with being born blind in one eye. Rather than being a tough read, and without wishing to give the game away, it’s very entertaining and life affirming.

What makes this project even more different is that there is also an app to support the book which will feature pictures, music, video, letters, scans etc. to make it a fully immersive experience. So far Dan has raised over half of his target so to see Me, Myself and Eye in a bookshop near you (or on Amazon obvs) please go here.

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Got a spare 3:25?

Ok, it might be virtually a year old but we’ve just stumbled on this (!) and think it’s one of the best music promos we’ve seen for ages. Might keep you awake at night but completely brilliant. Produced for French techno artist Gesaffelstein (a.k.a. Mike Lévy). Directed by Fleur & Manu, produced by Division for Parlophone, post by Home Digital Pictures and VFX by Machine Molle & Mathematic. It won a stack of D&ADs in 2014 as well as other awards. Richly deserved. Enjoy.

Apr, 23, 2015

  Music, Video