We get paid in pies

Do you hate blog and twitter posts that feature what somebody is just about to eat?  Yes I do too, but bear with me, in this posting I’m going to make an exception.

A while ago, I offered to design the wedding invitations for occasional CompanyX collaborator (and friend), Chiara Mitchell. The offer was a favour and I was happy to share the love but didn’t expect any payment whatsoever. I was gobsmacked when a pile of Pieminister tokens arrived by special delivery late this morning. Rather than smacking my gob I quickly decided to fill it instead.

Literally within minutes I was in St Nick’s food market in Bristol tucking into a glorious ‘Mothership’ – as pictured (pie, mash, peas, fried onions, gravy and cheese!).

Thanks Chiara, I can now barely move but completely worth it.

May, 27, 2015