SACO Hu-ga Creative

SACO Hu-ga Creative
CompanyX were asked by leading serviced apartment provider SACO, to create a Christmas campaign idea for their existing customers that could work both on and offline, principally as a sales team gift item with broader social media engagement. We identified the Scandinavian lifestyle concept of ‘hygge’ (translates roughly to ‘cosiness’) as an idea that we could craft into something uniquely SACO that would suggest genuine warmth to its customers.

One of the barriers to ‘hygge’ is that it is difficult to pronounce correctly so we decided to create an unique campaign name based on the phonetic spelling of the word and created ‘hu-ga’.

Alongside copy explaining the principles of ‘hu-ga’, deliverables included campaign design and art direction, a ‘Hu-ga’ branded gift set including a printed candle jar, presentation box, foil blocked voucher and gift tag, social media assets and email templates.
Client: SACO
Date: 21st December 2016