• Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore illustration by CompanyX
  • The Two Ronnies iconiComedy illustration by CompanyX
  • Rik Mayall a.k.a. Kevin Turvey iconiComedy illustration by CompanyX
  • Absolutely Fabulous iconiComedy illustration by CompanyX

New iconiComedy illustrations

We have recently added some more illustrations of classic British comedians to the iconiComedy range.

These include Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their ‘Dagenham Dialogues‘ prime, the much missed Rik Mayall as Kevin Turvey, The Two Ronnies behind the famous desk where they started and finished each episode of their iconic show and Edina and Patsy from the brilliant Ab Fab.

Each illustration is available in a variety of canvas colours and sizes as well as tote bags, cushions and phone/tablet cases.


May, 14, 2015