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My name is David Martin and I am a graphic designer, art director, occasional filmmaker and editor based in Bristol in the UK. I am always looking for new and exciting collaborations. In case you were wondering, CompanyX is the main trading name for what I do as it's more fun to answer the phone "Hello CompanyX" rather than with my name.  I typically like to work for people, organisations or brands that make a positive difference to the world we live in, such as charities, environmental pressure groups and the creative industries.  

The type of projects I do and the role I play in them varies massively. I have led comprehensive re-branding projects, created both advertising and crowdfunding campaigns, designed websites, edited an award-winning documentary, created email marketing campaigns, motion/infographics and illustrations. The project that best combines most of those skills is Reflect, the art installation I created alongside Bristol artist Duncan McKellar, so if you only see one project on this website make sure it's that one.

If you'd like to discuss a project where we could work together drop me a line here or call 0117 325 5878

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