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Legal Action Worldwide
Project title: LAW SGBV report.

Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) takes a survivor centred, gender sensitive approach to creative legal strategies in order to improve access to justice and provide legal redress to the most vulnerable in conflict-affected and fragile regions. Following an extensive LAW research project, I was asked by them to design a report about sexual gender based violence (SGBV), specifically its impact on Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar and now living in Bangladesh. The people that featured in the research could not be identified for security reasons, so we commissioned a series of photographs showing only details of participants (no faces) and I also created a series of generic non-specific illustrations to highlight particular groups or scenarios. 

PLEASE NOTE: due to the highly explicit nature of SGBV content in this report - which some viewers may find distressing, the images on this page are not clickable.

Graphic design, illustration, infographics

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