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Rethinking Football
Project title: Flare Governance - Rethinking Football discussion forum

Shortly before the recently doomed 'European Super League' power grab was announced, and then cancelled, I worked on an innovative project titled 'Rethinking Football'. A client of mine, Flare Governance in Brussels wanted to put together a series of online events where those interested in football - in whatever capacity - could actively discuss the positive role football plays locally, nationally and internationally. Those from a wide variety of backgrounds got involved, individuals and organisations. In addition to Flare other contributing organisations included Football for Peace and SOAS University of London


My involvement in the project at the beginning was to film myself answering three questions.

1. What’s the best and most important thing about football? What do you love the most?

2. If there was one thing you could change about the game, what would it be?

3. What do you think needs to happen to make that change possible?

It led to me creating a visual identity, motion graphics, digital event invite and edited the vox pops that appeared on social media in the run up to the events (in March 2021). The success of the event has meant that the client is now going to apply the 'Rethinking' dialogue model to other areas outside of football. To aid this activity I have just finished a 'proof of concept' report that will be used to attract future funding (see bottom of page). 

Graphic design, art direction, branding, motion graphics

Participants invite for Rethinking Football designed by David Martin at design agency CompanyX
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