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  • David

Bristol re-imagined

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

One of the few benefits of the global lockdown is that it has given us all the opportunity to take a step back and fully appreciate the world around us. I'm proud to live in Bristol and I wanted to show it off in a series of striking background images to showcase on the CompanyX website. So I jumped on my bike and photographed areas at random such as dormant cranes in the docks, the Cumberland Basin area and the iconic large red brick buildings left over from Bristol's tobacco trade.

In order to make even the most mundane of structures more interesting I duplicated each one and stitched them together as a mirror image to create abstract landscapes or brutally organic architectural shapes. You will spot a few of them as backgrounds on this website already but to see the full series in all their glory, take a look below.

If you live in Bristol, how many locations can you recognise?



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