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Hot off the press, well, screen...

Literally just finished the digital brochure for the largest film and TV production facility in the west of England, The Bottle Yard Studios. With a growing reputation for being one of the top production facilities outside of London, TBYS which is owned by Bristol City Council, asked me to design the online brochure to be sent to enquiring Line Producers looking for a base to film their next project.

Our space, your creativity. It's all here. Part of the digital brochure project for the Bottle Yard Studios designed by CompanyX.
Tagline for the Bottle Yard Studios

I worked alongside the wonderful Tara Milne to create the propositional tagline for TBYS 'Our space, your creativity. It's all here.' to convey that whatever your project is, TBYS can accommodate you in every way.

The brochure needed to quickly demonstrate that the site had an enviable reputation among broadcast channels and production companies as well as a large number of production stages and studios housed on the former bottling plant for wine and sherry maker Matthew Clarke.

See more of this project here.



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